Who We Are At North Coast Scrap Metal

North Coast Scrap Metals began in small workshop off North Coast Road, dealing primarily with the “Trolley Brigade” (known in the scrap industry as “street trade”) and picking up customers from the surrounding Townships, which were predominately women that had picked from the dumpsites in their communities.

Graeme Campbell (co-owner) joined the Company in 1995 and began targeting the Industrial Market which had been his forte in his previous Company. Within 3 years business had trebled and the decision was made to buy our own land and secure tenure going forward, North Coast Scrap moved to their new premises in 1998 and has been trading there ever since.

Graeme continues to seek out new clients and grow the customer base, but he now primarily looks after administration, finance and marketing. He is married with two sons (who live in London) and enjoys Golf and Travel.

Bradley Howe (co-owner) joined the Company in early 1997 and had an immediate impact on the Company's growth due to securing the entire Portnet Contract, this important account, moved North Coast Scrap from being a smaller player into the bigger league!

Bradley`s ability to tackle any large size projects from Harbour Mouth Cranes to Super Steel structures definitely affords him the credibility he deserves in terms of “safety first “application.

Bradley coordinates all Transport and Outside-Contracts over and above his ability to also multi-task with administration and finance when required. He is married with two kids and enjoys Motor Cross and Road Running.

Between the two owners they have collective experience of over 50 years in the Industry and continue to follow the philosophy of the Company “First Time, Quality Service”