Weigh Bridge

What is a weigh bridge?

When you have to be compelled to weigh an important vehicle and its load, you need a weighbridge. Weigh Bridges are often in awkward locations or are time-consuming to access. Having your own weighbridge has many advantages when you need to transport goods by road or rail. Weighbridges are a critical piece of equipment in many industries where accurate weight measurements are important. But what exactly is a weighbridge and what are the different types? If you need to choose a weighbridge for your industrial building, read on to discover 5 fun facts about weighbridges. This will help you choose the best solution for your industry.

Weigh Bridge Uses

It is used to weigh large and bulky items. These can be trucks or rail containers. The most common application for weighbridges is measuring the weight of large vehicles. Industries like mining and quarrying use weighbridges to get accurate measurements of the weight of their incoming and outgoing products. Other industries seeing massive movements include iron and steel, household goods, agriculture, forestry and construction.